My son is now 18 months old and I had never spent more than 24 hours away from him. This past weekend was my close friend’s 40th birthday so I had planned on going away to Hawk’s Cay Resort with her. Initially I told myself that I would leave Thursday right after work and return Monday. In my head I was ready to go balls to the wall crazy. I wanted to post on Facebook to meet me at The Square Grouper Thursday night prior to our departure to the Keys, and I planned on getting crazy!

Then I realized my son’s ear was still infected. I took him to the specialist on Thursday and was told they had to clean out his ear. Suddenly they had him wrapped up like a burrito and he was screaming his head off while they removed the infected discharge from his ear.  It was a quick, simple procedure but to me he needed his momma. I wrapped him up and took him home with me and stayed another night.

I woke up early in order to make my way to Jupiter for our morning departure. I swung by my parents house in Tequesta and had them give me a ride to Margo’s house. I tried not to give my mom directions since she has dementia and i wanted to make sure she still knew how to get there. I was excited that she only had to ask me one question.

I sincerely felt like a 15 year old, having my mom drop me off at my friend’s house for a sleep over. I waved good bye to my mom and started to finally relax. A group of 8 ladies all packed into two vehicles with lots, and lots and lots of stuff. The drive down was dreary and rainy. I was thankful for Diana and her gorgeous Audi SUV.

WE stopped at Jimmy Johns’ in Islamorada and had a fantastic lunch. I had the grouper reuben and the ladies had fish tacos. We made to Hawk’s Cay only to find out that they had mis-booked our room. We ended up having to wait and then were happily upgraded to a 4 bedroom villa with a private pool. Ahhhhh.

The debauchery ensued with lots of cocktails and music. Thankfully our neighbors appreciated the entertainment rather than get annoyed. I passed out pretty early but not before listening to Margo and Jeanette screaming at one another about body suits and The Olympics. Confused? well yes, they were lit and having a blast.

The next day was great at Hawk’s Cay. All I can say is thank you for the adults only pool. We relaxed and read and laughed our asses off. Sat night was capped off with a dancing in the pool routine which was quite impressive since I was one of the choreographers.

Although it took me until the second night to fully relax, I am thankful I did. I could have rushed home Sunday evening but my girlfriends encouraged me by saying, “Why the hell do you want to do that? You’re going home to dirty laundry, a dirty house and you will be happy for the first 10 minutes then regret not enjoying time to yourself.” I was thankful for that advice.