I often day dream of being on DIY Network or TLC mega makeovers but I plan on making my own money so I can actually afford these things on my own. I cannot help but get a teeny bit jealous of people on Property Ladder and the like when people get brand new kitchens or beautiful backyards. Then I look over at my husband and remember I did not marry Mr. Fix-it. As much as I enjoy home projects, it’s not his favorite way to spend a weekend. I often am on my own in that department.
However one of my favorite products ever is Simple Green. I love it because it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Considering Global Warming is now ocurring and Orlando temperatures in the winter have now begun to soar to the 80’s, Green algae has formed on our gutters. I initially thought I needed to replace them because they looked so bad. However this past weekend I used a scrub brush and Simple Green and they turned out great! I can’t wait until my next project.