Humility is hard to swallow. The realization that sometimes you may be wrong in others’ eyes is somethin that can only be experienced through maturity. I have learned as a teacher over the years that perception is everything. Personality is important and relationships matter. Additionally, you may not want a relationship that you forget, but do so out of necessity and out of the need to wash off the negative memories. And I suppose this is true for any career.

However when Marzano’s new observation system was put into place it was supposed to eliminate many issues because all administrators would be trained and know how to observe and be able to equally compare teachers.

But this is not the case because we are humans. As humans our emotions and gossip get in the way. We allow connotations and others’ perceptions influence and change our opinions rather than rely on facts.

Marzano’s iobservation is incredibly helpful. It digs deep into a teacher’s classroom and pulls out evidence of instruction, questioning, rapport, management and more. However it is still dependent upon the person at the other end of the ipad.

Is everyone’s defintion of classroom managment the same? Is everyone’s definition of positive feedback the same?

Ironically iobservation has created more questions than answers in its early stages and i can only hope these questions will soon become realizations that teachers and adminstrators can agree on.