So it’s officially summer and I am already almost two weeks in. For those people that do not have summer off, I feel sorry for you. Often teachers are looked upon with pity and given verbal high fives and looks with furrowed brows, wondering “How do you do it? I could never be a teacher.” Two words: Summer Assholes! No offense….but I am also aware of those people who fill teachers up with fabricated sympathy while secretly thinking, “please teachers don’t deserve a raise, they work 7.5 hrs. a day with three months off per year.” I know I can honestly say that even the WORST teacher I have seen works more that 7.5 hrs a day but that’s for another post. Back to this one which is “Summer Assholes!”

I am so grateful to lay around in bed until the very late hour of 8:00 am while I hear my husband quietly sliding out of bed at 630 am and shoving off to the office. I love that I can creep down the hall to see my two year rubbing his eyes as he flips through a Dr. Seuss book left in his bed. I love watching the coffee brew and making my son healthy breakfasts. Slow walks around the block, countless hours in the pool, no make-up, house projects, cocktails at 3:00pm? Sure!

Summer Time is awesome and it gets teachers prepared for the next 9  months of school. 9 months of catch up from summer in which parents chose not to force their child’s hand to read or engage in anything academic. So it’s back to the grindstone….and the cycle continues.

Happy Summer!