The effects of Alzheimer’s disease
My parents have always been very affectionate. I can recall squirming and feeling uneasy sometimes, not wanting to witness their affectation for one another. As I have gotten old it has become a source of comfort for me. Knowing that even during arguments or disagreements the night before, the next morning would bring a hug, a kiss a butt pat, a squeeze….a reaffirmation of love. Recently my mother’s dementia has caused a regression of the affection that my dad used to eagerly dole out. Her dementia has made her moody, insecure and negative. My mother’s attention span is not easily kept and she quickly criticizes and complains. My parents’ morning routine has slowly changed. They used to sit at the kitchen counter reading the paper together. Now my dad reads and my mom complains about Matt Laurer or Al Roker. I know some of this is simply people getting older, but her dementia keeps her from focusing on the paper. So mornings become difficult as my mom criticizes and my dad’s nose sinks deeper into the paper.

Marriage is a commitment in which two people know there will be compromise and sacrifice. Spouses are told that sometimes in order to change a behavior you have to change your own behavior. But what about when it is out of our control? When we cannot control something no matter what we do? Is this the “better or for worse” part? Can there be ” better or for worser?”