I remember watching the movie “The Breakup” with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaugh. I thought it was silly that they broke up over such minor issues, although compiled they became bigger. I especially liked the scene when Jennifer says, “I want you to want to do the dishes.” I now understand this as a much larger issue.

In my home I amm the matriarch and I run the house. That also means I cook, clean, organize and apparently I have to remind my husband and stepson constantly. They cannot seem to remember to clean up after themselves, do dishes, do laundry, fold clothes, put them away, pick of inanimate objects off the floor. I have to tell them to. My husband will do what I say but what they don’t get is how EXHAUSTING it is. Especailly as a teacher when I ahve to tell students what to do every day all day, I do not feel like continuing this process at home. “Please empty the dishwasher” Why do I ahve to say that. Why can’t they see the dishwasher is full, it needs to be emptied. “Please put away your laundry” They are switting on the couch too. Do they not see their laundry? Why do I have to say this?

I mentions this because it is so frutrating yet typical. I want my husband to treat me like a rommate. When you have a roomate you keep your shit to yourelf. You would never want to leave your laundry around. You would RESPECT your roommate. Why can’t I be my husand’s rommate?