Even though I am only 37, I am constantly amazed at the speedy evolvement of technology. Texting is something I am fond of although I still do not think it should be substituted for birthday wishes, invites etc. And as quick as I am to criticize, I often find myself in a hypocritical situation. I am concerend that many families lack interaction with one another and substitute texting as conversation.

However lately I have been so tired at the end of the day that I text both my husband and stepson when they are upstairs or downstairs, however opposite from me. I just don’t have the energy to walk up or down the stairs.

I have texted things like, “Can you get me a glass of wine?” “Did you walk or will you walk the dog?” “Can you turn the air up or donw?” Do I have to cook dinner?”

Has anyone else entered into this lazy abyss of texting?