Why is it that when it’s hot, tempers flare? Shouldn’t we be too hot to argue? Too hot to care? I feel a poem coming on.

This past weekend our air conditioning stopped cooling our house. Mind you we replaced out a/c only two and a half years ago. Just 4 months ago we have to shell out $500.00 dollars on some coil that was not covered under warranty. So when coughing up dollars and heat are combined, one may become testy.

That “one” is my husband. Our a/c stopped cooling Sunday. Where was he? Golfing. Sun. night was a warm night of not much sleeping, so Memorial day morning I woke up and called the a/c company. When I called a new HVAC service said to leave a message. I told my husband that the number was not reaching the a/c company. He responded with, “Is it the right number?” and then scrolled on line to cross check my work since I am obviously stupid and can’t read. He then asked where the “file” was for the a/c. Good thing I had made one since he never files anything, yet his expectation is that I have filed and alphabetized uponMemorial his command.

I then received a return phone call from the HVAC company. So with my husband’s body heat forming a suffocating blanket as he stood over me I asked the young lady on the phone, “What happend to Crums Air?” She replied that they filed bancruptcy and closed. I began to ask her questions however my husband thought it would be a good time to add his two cents and ask questions over my conversation, yet he did not feel the need to take the phone from me but felt the need to have me relay his questions while walking back and forth in the kitchen. The lady on the other end asked if I just wanted to call back. I tried to relay that information but my husband asked how much it would be to come out.

“65.00 for a service call which would be put towards any repair needed.”

“fine just do it” replied my husband.

I hung up the phone and was given a service window of between 9 am and 11 am.

My husband then asked, ” So did that HVAC company buy Crums’ Air Conditioning phone numbers after they went out of business?”

Seriously? Yea, like I really asked that question while quizzing her on the autonomy of her HVAC company and the A/R list from Crums’ bancrupy.

Does anyone else have a “hot head” for a husband when it’s hot?