I have been suffering with congestion, phlegm and pressure in my head for the past month. I had initially gone to a Centra Care and spent $50.00 for them to tell me I have sinusitis and put me on an antibiotic Mucinex DM. Well them “DM” made me feel crazy and I was still sick a week later. I then proceeded to my regular doctor who said she wanted to do a blood test to see if I have allergies or bacteria. Both came back negative so I just resigned myself to the fact that I was just going through something. Then this past week I became so congested in my head I could barley hear. In the mean time my son had gotten sick and we had to take him to the doctors. By Sunday I had a fever of 103. My husband was fishing and I needed help with my son. I could barely carry his 31 lb behind! My mother in law was in Daytona but she sent my father in law over. I knew the best person to help me was my step son but he was with his mother for the weekend. They only live a few miles away so I went ahead and called them.They came over and my stepson took care of my son, My husband’s baby momma cleaned dishes and folded laundry and my father in law swept the garage. I felt so vulnerable! It was surreal. Additionally my cynical, twisted mind thought this was a horrible look had it been 1940. But when you have a fever you’re are more than appreciative of the help. I went back upstairs and slept.

I barely felt better before my husband turned around the next day with a fever. Now a man with a fever is a totally different story! “Bwaa whoso wsoo booo fooheoo” I am sure you cant understand that because that is what a man sounds like! Anyone else have a horrible, sick husband?