Gabe Easter

Lonely egg

I recently realized that Easter is quite a competitive event. Since my son is now 1 yr. old and walking everywhere, I figured an Easter egg hunt would be a fantastic adventure for him. I found a local egg hunt near our home but was somewhat disappointed by the initial set up. Thousands of pastel eggs strewed across and open lawn left me slightly befuddled. I had envisioned my son, dressed in his Easter best, poking his curious head into bushes and around trees whilst gleefully picking up loads of eggs.

However, all that daydreaming was brought to a screeching halt when the announcer came on to, “Remind parents that Easter is about the kids. Parents DO NOT PICK UP ANY EGGS. If you lose your parent come to the stage. If you lose your child, come to the stage. Are we all set? Ok go.”

And with that, children careened across the lawn, snatching eggs quickly and with such vigor that I was amazed. I was able to take two steps with my son and pointed out a rouge egg which he happily picked up and handed to me with a giggle. I plopped down beside him and we opened it together to reveal a sticker. He smiled again and we were both very happy. A little girl came by and gave us two more eggs when she realized his basket was sparse.

Then the announcements of lost children and lost parents began. We strolled through the park and my son ran and laughed. Even though my whimsical vision of Easter was shattered, I still loved every moment with my son.

As we were leaving I heard a couple fighting in front of their children. The husband called his wife a “fun sucker.” I am totally taking that one!