Mixed Up Mom came to fruition as a result of my mixed up life. Being in an interracial marriage, stepmom to a 13 year old black son and mother to a 1 year old biracial son, things tend to be mixed up in my life. However I should amend that sentence and say “mom” of two sons since he lives with us full time and has for the past four years. Prior to that it was half the time and I have always been the one to spend the most time with him. I work full time as a teacher for a high risk, all girls’ school. My profession also tends to keept things mixed up in my life. I had worked as a public school teacher for 7 years before making the switch to my current position. No day is the same and “planning” is something I do every day with little success of executing them. However I am so happy to be out of of the public school system since Florida Public Schools are swirling into the toilet.

In the past I had a blog called www.stepmomming.com. It was a way for me to reach out to other stepmoms and vent about my frustrations. I also realized at times I was walking a fine line as anonymous as it was. My husband finally read it and felt it was not something he felt comfortable with.  In my eighth month of pregnancy our conversation went something like this:

“Why am I reading stuff on your blog when I told you I don’t want problems with *******.”

“I told you about my blog over a year ago and it’s anonymous.”

“I can tell exactly who you are talking about.”

“Because you know them.”

I took it down since I knew I had been writing on borrowed time but I sure missed it. It really was a way for me to vent and connect. Now I hope I can continue to make connections with people as I grapple with my own sanity.